An innovative payment option

The mTasku cash register interface allows you to receive payments through your current cash register system with the help of mTasku and to use a novel loyalty card solution. If you wish to order the mTasku cash register interface, contact your cash register system provider and agree upon a suitable payment and loyalty card solution.

One app, plenty of options

A unique solution

This unique pilot project is unlike any other mobile payment solutions currently tested in Estonia or elsewhere in the world.

Choose a bonus system
that suits you best

You can use a loyalty card solution and bonus system that suit you best. Everything is tailored to the needs of your business!

An electronic receipt for each purchase

After completing a purchase, the client is issued a real-time electronic receipt to their mTasku through the cash register interface.


I visit Reval Café every morning before work and have discovered the handy mobile wallet app mTasku, which lets me pay for my drink and use the café’s loyalty card without using the actual physical cards. I am especially keen on the mKviitung, which displays both my bonuses and a detailed overview of my purchases.

Raivo, user of mTasku


In the case of AS Ektaco cash register systems, which have been integrated with the mTasku application, the trader is not required to make significant additional investments to purchase devices. The solution places emphasis on the speed and user-friendliness of transactions. “Participation in this project has created added value for our CompuCash cash register system and gives us the opportunity to stand out from other cash register systems that have been created abroad and that are difficult to adapt. CompuCash is currently used by every other Estonian café and restaurant and we can see a lot of new opportunities for traders’ payment options and for improving loyalty cards in the service portfolio offered by Ektaco,”

commented Kaido Jelle, Member of the Board at Ektaco.


ID Süsteemide AS: we started cooperation concerning mobile payment solutions with Telia and the largest banks in Estonia already in 2012, in the framework of the pilot project “A bank card on your mobile phone”. We have since reached a real commercial solution in which our cash register system “BUUM” has been integrated to function alongside the open ecosystem of mTasku. In addition to a classic loyalty card and an ID-card based loyalty card, we can also offer the mobile loyalty card solution for a trader; this solution has the cash register automatically identify the client during a payment transaction. “mTasku is ideal for people who value a society free of plastic and paper,”

said Andres Kaukver, Sales Director of ID Süsteemide AS.

What is mTasku and how does it contribute to promoting your business?


mTasku is a mobile wallet app that helps the client store all their bank cards, loyalty cards and other mobile service cards conveniently in one place.

1. Download the app and register as a user
2. Add suitable payment and loyalty cards to mTasku
3. In order to pay, open the QR code scanner on your smartphone and scan the code or touch the NFC mark with your phone
4. Choose a suitable loyalty card (select it with a tap on the image of the correct card)
5. Choose a suitable payment card (by dragging the image of the card from the right to the marked spot on the left).
6. Confirm the payment by tapping the “Pay” button

The list of traders and service providers at whose businesses you can use the mTasku application is constantly expanding at
After every successful payment transaction, a real-time mKviitung is issued in mTasku, which is considered to be an official document confirming the payment transaction. The client can switch the printing of a paper receipt from the cash register on/off from “Settings and secret code” on the mTasku menu. This is how traders can decrease costs on paper used for printing out paper receipts.
The client will find a list of past transactions in the main menu of mTasku, under the selection “Transaction history”, which is displayed by months and includes mKviitung as a detail view. Transaction history is stored in the mobile application for 2 years. The client can find the transaction history of a specific payment card by tapping on the icon of that card on the screen and selecting “Transaction history”.
In order to join the mTasku service, the trader should turn to their cash register system provider, who will then assess the options and technical conditions and compile an offer on a cash register interface.
The guarantor bank of mTasku payment transactions is LHV. In order to ensure payment transactions, the trader has to sign a corresponding payment card service contract (acquirer contract) with LHV.
The detailed terms and conditions of LHV’s trader contracts and commission will be individually agreed upon with each client.
In order to authenticate an mTasku user at the cash register of a trader, a special mTasku payment mark is used, which is issued to the trader by their cash register system provider and which is unique for each cash register.
In order to adopt a loyalty programme based on loyalty cards, the trader has to turn to their cash register system provider, who will then assess the options and technical conditions and compile an offer on a mobile loyalty card for the trader.
The mTasku application has undergone the necessary security testing.
All data entered into mTasku by a user is secured at a high level. Card data of the card that the user has linked to mTasku will be saved to the LHV-EveryPay card storage through a security tunnel and in accordance to MasterCard and Visa regulations, so that no strangers can access the card data. LHV Pank processes the bank card payments of mTasku and ensures the security of payment data.
In addition to a classic payment options, mTasku offers a completely novel mobile bank card payment for a trader, which can be integrated, in a payment transaction, with a mobile loyalty card. The use of mTasku also helps us move towards a cost-effective society free of plastic and paper.