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Mobile wallet

mTasku is a mobile wallet app that helps you store all your bank cards, loyalty cards and other mobile payment solutions conveniently in one place.

Using the mTasku smartphone app is free of charge!

Install it on your phone:

One app, plenty of options

Banish all plastic cards
from your wallet to your phone

Add all your bank and loyalty cards to the mTasku mobile app in order to use them for making payments and collecting bonus points.

You can use it
at various places

Several companies have already adopted this novel solution.

Check the list that keeps growing

Green thinking

You will receive an electronic receipt for every payment made through the mTasku app. This way it is easy to keep track of all your purchases.

How to use mTasku?

  • Download the app and register as a user
  • Add suitable payment and loyalty cards
  • In order to pay, open the QR code scanner on your phone and scan the code or touch the NFC mark.
  • Choose a suitable loyalty card (select it with a tap on the image of the correct card)
  • Choose a suitable payment card for the marked spot (by dragging the image of the card to the marked spot on the left)
  • Confirm the payment by tapping the “PAY” button

What is mTasku and how does it facilitate your life?

If you lost your phone, it has been stolen or
you want to close mTasku for some other reason