How to begin?

To make secure payments via mTasku, you must first establish your identity in the mTasku app via Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or a bank link. You can also automatically personalise other cards related to your identity, such as Ühiskaart.

Please note that upon installing mTasku you must have mobile internet turned on, even if you use Wi-Fi.

How to begin?

How to add cards?

How to add cards?

You can add all your Visa or MasterCard bank cards that allow online payments to mTasku. If you have any loyalty cards, you can add them as well – it does not matter if you have a plastic copy or acquired a new one.

It takes only a few clicks to add both a bank and loyalty card. To this end, please open the mTasku app and click on the ‘Add card’ icon in the upper right corner.

Then select the appropriate card from the list, click the ‘Add’ button next to it, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to use payment and loyalty cards?

Scan the QR code at the checkout or tap the NFC tag on your phone. Both the discount card and the bank card open automatically in mTasku, so you do not have to look for several cards in your wallet.

Choose a suitable payment method via mTasku and click ‘PAY’.

If there is no mTasku payment solution available at the service point, you can present your loyalty card with mTasku and use an alternative payment method (physical bank card, cash or invoice).

How to use payment and loyalty cards?

Gift cards

How do I buy and give gift cards as presents?

To purchase a gift card, open the mTasku app and go to the ‘Gift card’ sub-menu from the ‘Add card’ menu and select the appropriate gift card.

Then choose the value of the gift card you want to purchase and pay with a suitable bank card.

To give a gift card, open the corresponding card and select ‘Forward’.

If you send a gift card from mTasku with a greeting message, the recipient will be notified by SMS. The recipient must then open the mTasku app and establish their identity via their phone number.

You can give a gift card as a present in a total amount or in part, and there is also an option to forward a gift card that has been given to you or partly used to another person.

If necessary, you can withdraw the gift card. To this end, click the ‘Withdraw’ button in the ‘Gift’ box located below the sent gift card. The recipient of the gift card will receive the corresponding SMS.

How do I pay with a gift card?

To pay with a gift card, scan the QR code at the checkout or tap the NFC tag on your phone and select a suitable gift card as the payment method.

If you use only a part of the amount on the gift card, you can use the remaining amount later.

If the purchase amount exceeds the value of the gift card, an additional payment must be made according to the payment options of the point of service, either with mTasku, a physical bank card or in cash.

The validity of gift cards depends on the service provider.

How do I use the donation environment?

mTasku offers you a convenient way to make donations with just a few clicks and without entering the Internet Bank or without having cash.

You can find the donation environment by clicking ‘Add card’ and selecting ‘Charity’. You will then see a list of all the charity funds and can make a suitable choice.

To donate, add a card from a suitable charity fund to your mTasku or open the QR scanner in the app and point the phone’s camera at the mTasku QR tag. Then select the appropriate payment card and the amount to be donated and confirm the donation by clicking the ‘Pay’ button.

In mTasku, you can make a donation in three ways:

  • Using the QR code of the charity fund, which can be found, for example, on donation collection boxes, posters, on the Internet, etc. To donate, scan the QR code with mTasku, select the appropriate payment card and the amount to be donated and confirm the donation by clicking the ‘Pay’ button.
  • You can also donate directly from the app – open the detailed view of the card and press the ‘Donate’ button.
  • If you prefer a permanent donation, you can conveniently formalise it directly in mTasku. You can find the permanent donation box under the card of a suitable charity fund.

How do I pay with mTasku in online stores?

With mTasku you can pay in online stores without logging into the Internet Bank and without entering bank card data.

If payments with mTasku are allowed in the selected online store, you will see the mTasku symbol in the shopping cart next to other payment methods.

After pressing the mTasku symbol, the QR code will appear on the screen. Then proceed as in a regular store – open the app, scan the code, and select the payment card.

If you make a purchase with a smartphone, then after clicking on the mTasku symbol the mTasku app will open automatically and you can continue with payment.