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  • Is mTasku secure?

    Security is our priority! Compared to a regular wallet, it is in principle not possible to lose or steal a mobile wallet.

    In addition to the phone’s screen password, mTasku is personalised and larger transactions are protected by a security code.

    It is not enough just to swipe the phone to pay with mTasku, as the transaction is made when the app is open.

    The data of bank cards added to mTasku are stored in the secure card storage of LHV Pank’s payment processor EveryPay.

    All mTasku transactions are encrypted and visible only to you.

    All service commands that you give through mTasku are signed and checked by double servers for every operation.

    In addition, mTasku can be protected in several other steps:

    • Unlocking your phone with a PIN, fingerprint or face recognition.
    • Asking for a password for mTasku, and recognising a fingerprint or face upon opening the mTasku app.
    • Asking for a password or identifying a fingerprint when making a payment over €50. Automatic payment without a password (up to €50) .

    Where is the transaction history stored?

    The mTasku app conveniently stores the history of all transactions. When paying for purchases with mTasku, you no longer have a paper purchase receipt.

    You can find a list of all transactions in the mTasku menu under ‘Transaction history’, where all purchase receipts are also stored on a monthly basis. You can quickly find a specific receipt by searching by place of service or even goods.

    The transaction history is stored for 2 years. You can find the transaction history of a specific payment card by tapping on the icon of that card on the screen and selecting ‘Transaction history’.

    If requested, you can forward each purchase receipt conveniently in PDF format. To this end, open the requested mKviitung and press the ‘Send’ button. To send receipts to the accounting department, the company must be a client of CostPocket.

    It is also possible to cancel the purchase there, if necessary. The cancellation must be initiated by the checkout and as a result the amount of the transaction will be returned to the user through the respective payment channel.

    Cancellation will only function if the vendor’s checkout system allows it.

    Does mTasku process my data?

    Your data is processed for the purposes of the agreement and forwarded to third parties to the extent necessary for making the transaction.

    mTasku may provide vendors and third-party content service providers with your name, personal identification code, and phone number, as well as payment transaction information if you have accepted the terms and conditions of the respective service provider.

    In order to receive advertising or similar information, you can give the respective confirmation for each service card by making the appropriate selections under the ‘Settings’ field of the respective card.

    Transaction data are stored securely in the app and these are not passed on to third parties. Purchase receipts are only available to you and the respective vendor, and will not be lost from your phone.

    What do I need to use mTasku?

    Some services require that you have the latest software version or NFC-enabled SIM card installed in your phone.

    Learn more about what an NFC SIM card is and how to check which SIM card is in your phone.

    Prerequisite for making payments with mTasku is personalisation of the mTasku app. The app only needs to be personalised once, and it is possible to use authentication via Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, and bank links.

    Read more about how to start using mTasku

    How do I use mTasku again after removing it from the phone or replacing the phone?

    Restore your mTasku by downloading the mTasku app and re-registering as a user.

    Under the settings, find the ‘Restore mTasku‘ button, which restores your service cards and receipts. However, for security reasons, you will need to add bank cards again.

    If you replace your phone or delete a valid Ühiskaart from your mTasku, you can restore your existing card and continue using it. To this end, delete Ühiskaart after restoring mTasku and add it to mTasku again. The restoration of Ühiskaart is free for you.

    What should I do if a card starts to expire?

    If you are allowed to receive notifications from the mTasku app on your phone, you will receive a reminder 30 days before the card expires.

    If the colour of the card in mTasku has turned grey, it means that the card has expired and is no longer active.

    What should I do if the phone is lost or stolen?

    In case of loss or theft of the phone, mTasku must be closed immediately on the mTasku website or by calling Telia customer service number 123.

    Why do I need an NFC SIM card?

    Your phone’s NFC is needed to establish a connection between the validator and the phone and its app.However, an NFC SIM card is required for secure storage of data related to apps, services, and users, as well as for submitting to an external device through NFC.

    An NFC SIM card functions in your phone like a regular SIM card or a Mobile ID SIM card. It can be used for several years and there is no direct need to replace it until the card is damaged or until the current card does not fit in the new device. In the near future, NFC technology will provide the opportunity to add identity documents, employment certificates, and office and home keys to mTasku.

    You can check the presence of an NFC SIM card in your phone in the mTasku app settings.